Lent—A different approach to fasting, for our children & ourselves

Here are other creative ways to welcome Jesus’ healing touch, which our children of all ages can join in. 

  1. Fast from anger & hatred:  Give our families an extra dose of love each day.
  2. Fast from judging others:  Before making judgements, remember how Jesus overlooks our faults.
  3. Fast from discouragement:  Hold onto Jesus’ promise that he has a perfect plan for our lives.
  4. Fast from complaining:  Instead close our eyes & recall some of the little moments of joy Jesus has given us.
  5. Fast from resentment or bitterness:  Lets work on forgiving those who may have hurt us.
  6. Fast from spending too much money:  Lets try to reduce spending by 10% and give that to the poor.
  7. Spend extra time for personal prayers:  We are always going to be busy, so taking time away for praying gives us a chance to be grateful for all we have. 

Thanks to Mayda & Penny for sharing


 As we are in the midst of Lent, I’d like to share a youtube link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LfeXxkbgCVE

 the point is made that the best gift you can give to a person is to take a little time and listen to what they have to say. Just take the time to listen and connect, that’s all!

Gives me a new challenge and something to look forward to.

Thank you Gina for sharing


* We will be writing about what inspires us from each consecutive chapter of Warren’s Purpose Driven Life.  If you read along with us, please share your inspirations.  There’s no need to catch up, just jump right in. 


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A born & bred New Yorker living on the other side of the Atlantic since '92. Once you live in a much smaller country you realise everything is precious,take nothing for granted,and you gain a global view which you would never have if you had stayed in the US.
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