How exactly can I expand my “one on one” relationship w/God?

This is one of our fellow bloggers’ comment which I’m posting so we all see & don’t miss.  Julia expounds on Day 11: Becoming Best Friends with God.  Julia, your point about God taking the initiative in our relationship & how to establish & expand a personal dialogue with Him–gives me clearer insight in how to achieve this for myself and as I guide my children–Thank you.

The one thing we must realize is that it is “GOD” who takes the initiative in establishing a love relationship between HIM and us. What HE wants us to do is to have a “real and personal” relationship with HIM, so HE can work through us in HIS ministry. There are many things that remind me of GOD in which I talk to HIM about each day. I can look at a picture of my “grandson” and thank GOD for such a precious gift and thank HIM. I can look out the windows and look at HIS creation and thank HIM. I think of my children and thank GOD for them. And, just getting out of bed each morning and getting dressed, I thank GOD. Then there are HIS provisions in food, clothing and shelter in which I am grateful for and talk to HIM about. It is not just the “thanking” but it establishes a personal dialogue that we can expand on in order to create this “one on one” relationship.


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A born & bred New Yorker living on the other side of the Atlantic since '92. Once you live in a much smaller country you realise everything is precious,take nothing for granted,and you gain a global view which you would never have if you had stayed in the US.
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