Day 9: What makes God smile?

 The smile of God is the goal of our life.

God smiles when we love him supremely.  “I don’t want your sacrifices—I want your love; I don’t want your offerings, I want you to know me”.

God smiles when we trust him completely.  Trusting is an act of worship—just as parents are pleased when children trust their love & wisdom, our faith makes God happy.

God smiles when we obey him wholeheartedly. Which means doing what God asks w/o reservation or hesitation.  Often, we offer God partial obedience—we obey some commands while ignoring the ones we find difficult or unpopular—we read our Bible but won’t forgive the person who hurt us.  Partial obedience is really disobedience. 

God smiles when we praise & thank him continually.  It feels great when we receive heartfelt praise & appreciation from someone else.  An amazing thing happens when we offer praise & thanksgiving to God.  When we give God enjoyment, our own hearts are filled with joy.

God smiles when we use our abilities.  We don’t bring glory or pleasure to God by hiding our abilities or by trying to be someone else.  We only bring Him enjoyment by being ourselves.  Anytime we reject any part of ourselves, we are rejecting God’s wisdom in creating us.

 I smile when I read Warren’s analogy of God enjoying watching us sleep as we are happy watching our own children breathing, because we love them so much.  I remember watching my children sleeping, and as they were breathing, their chests moved up & down, my eyes sometimes filled with tears of joy. I thanked God for the daily wonder of seeing my children in my life. 

 God loves us as if we are each the only person on earth.

When will our focus change from “How much pleasure am I getting out of life?” to “How much pleasure is God getting out of my life?”

 Warren asks us:  Will you make pleasing God the goal of your life?  There is nothing that God won’t do for the person totally absorbed with this goal.

 Question to consider:  Since God knows what is best, in what areas of my life do I need to trust him most?

* Weekly we will be writing about what inspires us from each consecutive chapter of Warren’s Purpose Driven Life.  If you read along with us, please share your inspirations.  There’s no need to catch up, just jump right in. 


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A born & bred New Yorker living on the other side of the Atlantic since '92. Once you live in a much smaller country you realise everything is precious,take nothing for granted,and you gain a global view which you would never have if you had stayed in the US.
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One Response to Day 9: What makes God smile?

  1. juliaelio says:

    Smiling—–The wisdom of a human being begins with thoughts in the heart, but if it remains there, the wisdom is self-serving. To make the world a better place it needs to be epressed through the mouth. When we open our mouths and speak, we share ourselves with the world. SMILING IS A SYMBOL OF OUR WILLINGNESS TO OPEN OURSELVES TO OTHERS.

    GOD smiles at us each time we overcome and lifts us up when we fail.

    This is a poem on SMILES but don’t know author:

    We reach out a hand to help
    a friend,
    And GOD smiles.

    We gather on our knees in prayer,
    And GOD smiles.

    We give to the poor and visit the sick,
    And GOD smiles.

    We turn our hearts from sinful ways,
    And GOD smiles.

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